RespiRaptor FFP2 25pc respirator


FFP2 NR RespiRaptor boasts a nanofiber filter that has several million pores on one square cm. It prevents viruses, bacteria, smog and dust from entering your mouth and nose. RESPILON® RespiRaptor is a respirator that is capable of blocking harmful substances by using a high-efficiency nanofiber filter filter. Excellent breathability - despite its high density of nanofibers, RESPILON® membrane is air -and water -permeable, which increases comfort and enables easy breathing Easy and comfortable to talk through. For better fitting use plastic hook behind your head connecting the ear loops which is included in the packaging. Available in size M/L and two packagings (3 pcs, 25 pcs)
    134,23 incl. BTW
    110,93 excl. BTW
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